an interesting convo that many latinegrxs may have already be experiencing. what, if anything, may the US learn from looking to all of the Americas and Caribean around this topic?

thoughts? a part of me thought “hmm, really? ok…”

it seems that the real issues here are “will this person have white privilege?” and “how will they choose to label themselves in the face of this white privilege?” and those have been the questions all along, in my opinion, whether you’re from the united states or latin america. the mother in the article says that the daughter has so many more options now, but these options have always existed and the conversation has always been about those who have privilege and those who don’t. the only new things are labels and categories which mean something on paper, but turn to dust when held against society’s views, especially in the united states where national identity is not always a seen as a source of social cohesion.