You’re always in my thoughts, Palestine.


You’re always in my thoughts, Palestine.

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This is a dark skin appreciation blog.

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Nicki Minaj - Selfie queen

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Speaking of different body shapes. These are all basically peak human bodies. 

How come 99% of them don’t conform to what the entertainment industry tells us is the perfect body?

This is a FABULOUS set of body refs. So glad this came back across my dash so I could reblog it here :D

Totally reblogging it too cuz I lost it the last 3294 times I saw it on the interbutts. GJ!

I know you probably have seen this before, but here it is again. I love that this includes males bodies as well, and is a great reference for anyone wanting to design a various cast of characters. The mere size difference between some neighbours on some photos should give you artists great pointers on how to portray height variation in a believable way to your viewers!

(Also that way I have it in a place I’l remember and will be able to get it whenever I need it so there.)

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White Privilege: Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack

Don’t even talk to me about race as a white person if you haven’t read this yet like honestly just shut up and stop embarrassing yourself 

i feel like this list needs to be read daily and meditated on by so many white liberals. if you are not working to actively undo these things on a daily basis, then you are part of the problem. you can call yourself an activist or feminist all damn day, but if you are silent on these things, then, yes, you are part of the problem.



I remember when I first found out the truth about “Somali pirates” I got chills because of how horrific the truth was and how insanely creepily well the media had twisted the situation. Every single fucking article making it seem like these “pirates” were just after money or something holding innocent people hostage and I never gave it a second thought, why would I? There was no indication that people were trying to legitimately fight off disgusting imperialism that left nuclear waste in their waters, that over 300 people have died from radiation sickness, that Europeans have been stealing Somalia’s seafood because they overfished their own waters and the indigenous fisherman are starving and so these “pirates” emerged to deal with those stealing their country’s natural resources. The truth is enough to make anyone sick to their stomachs.

This is a great article about the truth about Somali pirates, in case anyone wants a source.

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Gay Comedians/Male/Bay Area/audition tomorrow (SF) Looking HBO TV show. Please send headshot/resume asap to: info@tinadelia.com and let us know if you can audition tomorrow morning (September 2nd, 2014), shooting period in SF 9/15-9/30. (SAG). Thanks, Tina D’Elia, Nina Henninger Casting, CSA



no one ever says that Rome needed help from aliens to build their empire

#l laughed for days when i found out that #ancient egyptians used water to reduce friction and move blocks for distances #and that this was literally DEPICTED ON THEIR HIEROGLYPHICS #but ~western archaeologists~ #thought that the pouring of water depicted ~superstitious rituals~ #jfc

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R.I.P. The 2976 American people that lost their lives on 9/11 and R.I.P. the 48,644 Afghan and 1,690,903 Iraqi and 35000 Pakistani people that paid the ultimate price for a crime they did not commit.

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